I am passionate about the transformation that meditation and the Desire Map can bring to people. They have both had a significant impact on my life and if I can help others though what I have learned, then my journey has been worthwhile.

Meditation is what saved my sanity when I went through very stressful times in a recession-hit business. It had a tremendous impact on my healing in the following years and lead me on the path to studying with davidji and becoming a teacher.

If I had gone through a process like The Desire Map, I would have made decisions during those times very differently. I ignored how I felt – because that’s what you're supposed to do. Right? Wrong! As you embrace your own personal wellness and transformation it will be my honour to help guide you along your path.


BA, Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher‍‍‍,

Reiki Master

Imagine if we could spend our life helping, healing or serving others doing exactly the thing we love to do. Your challenge is not to figure out every other person’s purpose –   simply to understand  your own.  davidji  


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We are two like-minded souls who met in late 2014 while training to become Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teachers. First bonding through our class Facebook group, that bond became solid as we traveled together from Toronto to Carlsbad California for our in-residence week of training.

We listened when the women in our first workshop told us that we made a powerful team and needed to continue “doing what we do" together. Their comments simply confirmed what we had discovered – we loved working together and our separate strengths and talents complemented each other perfectly. Thus, Moonset Wisdom Retreats was created to become an integral part of our separate businesses – InnerOm Wisdom and Moonset Meditation.

Sarah Ritchie

Nothing has affected me more profoundly than the experiences of becoming a meditation teacher.  My journey with healing work began in 1992 with the unique opportunity to study Shiatsu in Japan as an apprentice. Today, I AM deeply committed to the role that meditation and intuitive healing work can play in bringing us on our path towards wholeness.

As an R.M.T. (Registered Massage Therapist), I have been fortunate enough to witness the deep link between the mind, emotions, body and spirit, and have come to know the importance of balancing all of these aspects within our being. This knowledge combined with intuitive personal insight allows me to help bring healing and guidance to others. Creating and holding a space within which others can heal is a large part of my purpose in this life.


BA, B.Ed, RMT, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner

Certified davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher

Glenda van Koot





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